Room One


All our rooms have cool tile floors, big floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that open to the ocean breezes and ensuite bathrooms with modern plumbing and colorful Mexican tiles…

The Kiwi room has the cool lilac and yellows of flowers, full of sweetness and sunshine.

Your stay in the Kiwi room will be just like that… relaxing, delightful, nourishing and trouble-free! Laze on the patio outside the sliding glass doors. Put your feet up in the hammock while you read that novel you picked up at the airport… let your eyes get heavy and drift away to the sounds of tropical birds in the palm trees dancing in the garden below.

Your king size bed and the sofa bed is covered with crisp white sheets… there’s nothing like drifting away to sleep under cool sheets in the tropics! All our rooms are air conditioned if the heat gets to be too much, but many nights you can go to sleep listening to the waves in the distance, with doors wide open. This is one of the reasons you come here on vacation!

Kiwi’s ensuite bathroom is decorated in green and white, reminding you of the green tropical foliage and white puffy clouds outside. After a day at the beach outside, take a refreshing shower and enjoy this spacious bathroom while you prepare for a lovely night out in the friendly town of Puerto Morelos!!


Size: 60 square feet
View: Partial Ocean View
Terraces: Balcony
Occupants: Maximum 4 persons