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Casa Caribe and Cabañas

Owners: Tim Teiman, Myron Lockhart and Judy Lockhart

Tim Teiman, Myron Lockhart and Judy Lockhart are the  new owners of Casa Caribe Hotel and Cabañas Apartment Building. They come from Nova Scotia, Canada where they were tired of long, cold winters. When they started looking for a place to live in Mexico they decided to spend some time in Puerto Morelos and that is when they stumbled upon the charming Mexican Hotel of Casa Caribe, and then included Cabañas building.  The relaxed, friendly atmosphere in this town won their hearts. All three new owners love warm weather, swimming in the ocean and great Mexican food. They have traveled to many parts of the world and have now decided to spend time here in Puerto Morelos.

Tim, Myron and Judy welcome both new and returning visitors to Casa Caribe and to our newest addition Cabañas. We promise to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They are pleased to announce that Vanessa, the manager, Deysi and Lucy, house cleaners and cooks, as well as Abundio, the gardener, will remain on the staff here at Casa Caribe. They are joined by Erika and Julian at the Cabañas. These talented Mexican individuals as well as the owners will enthusiastically cater to your needs when you visit Casa Caribe.